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Details of 5th Conference

5th International Conference for Agricultural & Bio-engineering "The Role of Agricultural and Biological Engineering for Advacement of The Agricultural Sector"

Date: 26-27 September 2017


The 5 th International Conference for Agriculture and Bio-engineering under title of "THE ROLE OF AGRICULTURAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING FOR ADVANCEMENT OF THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR" hosted by the Agricultural Engineering Research institute (AEnRI) under patronage of Prof. Dr. ABDEL MONAEM EL-BANA His Excellency Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and under presidency of Prof. Dr. MAHMOUD MEDANY, the president of Agricultural Research Center (ARC), during the period of 26-27 Sebtember 2017, to provide a pedium for experts from different countries who are working on specific areas of agricultural engineering and bio-engineering systems, and are believing in the advantages of integration and cooperation.

So, the main target of the 5th International Conference for Agriculture and Bio-engineering introduces all ongoing scientific researches in the fields of agriculture mechanization systems, on-farm irrigation systems and energy and renewable energy use that enhance sustainable development of Egyptian agricultural sector, in harmony with the environment. Now, in Egypt there is a nessecity to exist unified approach among of agriculture environment and industry towards mcchaization, smart irrigation systems, and energy use in agriculture to ensure the sustianble development of the agricultrre sector.

The unvariable relatioship among soil, water, bio-ergineering systems and energy turned out a discipline that deals with topics of this conference as integrated management of irrigation and drainge systems, integrated applications of agricultural mechernization systems and bio-engineerig systems and its applications.

Our wishes as organizers of this conference are to pave the way for applying the results of applied researches that dicussed by experts from privete sector, and scintafic instutions and universities. We are greatly thankful to all individuals participald to these institutions and companies for their kind support given to our conference.

Finaly, we would like to express our special thanks to the project board of “Sustcrinable Agriculture Mechanization System Improvement in Minya and Fayoum Governorates” have enabled this proceeding to be printed. Also, we would like express our best wishes to all members of scientific committee for their exemplary efforts.

Prof.Dr. Essam Wassif
Coordinator of conference,
director of AEnRI


  • Prof.Dr. Essam El Deen Wassif, AEnRI
  • Prof.Dr .Gamal Hassan El Sayed, AEnRI
  • Prof.Dr. Ahmed El-Sayed Ahmed, Alex. Univ.
  • Prof.Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Shafay, Alex. Univ.
  • Prof.Dr. Gamal Mohamed Nasr, Cairo Univ.
  • Prof. Dr. Hazem Sayed Mehawed, AEnRI.
  • Prof. Dr. Hesham Farag, AEnRI.
  • Prof. Dr.Ibrahiem Abd El Tawab, AEnRI.
  • Prof.Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Tawab Hassan EL Sayed, MALR.
  • Prof.Dr. Mohame El- Shat Badawi, AEnRI.
  • Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Hegazy, Ain Shamsis Univ.
  • Prof.Dr. Mohamed Mostafa El-Kholy, AEnRI.
  • Prof.Dr. Mohamed Samir Abo Soliman, SWERI.
  • Prof.Dr. Samy Mohamed Younes, Cairo Univ.
  • Prof.Dr. Sherief Abd El-Hak Radown, Suez Canal Univ.
  • Prof.Dr. Yousif Farag Sharwbiem, AEnRI.
  • Prof.Dr. Zakria Emara, AEnRI.


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