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Facilities of Mechanization of Poultry and Animal Production Res. Dept.

- Systems evaluation and development for processing and preparation of concentional and non-concentional feed mill.
- Systems evaluation and development for mechanization of animal and poultry production farms (cleaning - feeding - ventilation - milking - egg collection).
- Mechanization of aquaculture farm operation and management (aeration fish pond - pups - feeding means).
- Mechanization of animal and poultry production processing.



-        Systems evaluation and development for processing and preparation of conventional and non – conventional feed mill.

-         Systems evaluation and development for mechanization of animal and poultry production farms ( cleaning – feeding – ventilation – milking –egg collection )

-         Mechanization of aquaculture farm operation and management (aeration fish pond- pumps – feeding means).

-         Mechanization of animal and poultry production processing.

-         Best systems identification of managing wastes for processing and production of conventional and non- conventional feed mill (field and horticulture wastes – animal and poultry production farm wastes – slaughterhouses and agriculture processing wastes).

-         Best systems identification of animal and poultry production farm mechanization under Egyptian condition (feeding – irrigation canals – cleaning).

-         Systems development for barriers removal of aquaculture farm production to enhance productivity and efficiency improving of fish transportation, storage and handling.

-         Recommendation approach for designing, developing and manufacturing machinery of animal, poultry and aquaculture production farms.

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