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     The developemnt of a low cost harvesters for field and horticultral crops aiming to increase the productivity and reducing losses.

     Development of residual removal machines.

    Designing a system for climbing palms trees for service operations which saves time and required effort beside safety considerations for workers.

     The development of handling and servicing equipments for vegetables and fruit crops.

     The development of animal poultry production equipments.

     The achievement of safety in design and development of the agericultural equipments.

Department Staff
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Agricultural engineer 7
(1)- Development of planter machine.

Sugar beet planter.

Single row planter for small farm.

(2)- Development of low cost harvester.

Developing harvesting and threshing machine for egyptian farm.

Developing fruit harvesting tools.

Developing soybean harvesting machine.

Developing corn harvesting machine.

(3)- Development of post harvesting machine.

Developng crop residual machine.

Developng flax deseeding machine.

(4)- Designing and developing palm serving machine.

developing pollination machine.

Developing hydraulic.

(5)- Developing horticultural handling machine.

Developing horticultural handling  machinc.

Designing olive oil extracting press.

(6)- Development of Machines for protected agriculture sersvices.

Development of mechanisms for hardening of trsnsplant to improve its productivity attributes.

(7)- The development of systems and equipments for achieving the standard specifications, and monitoring the quality control of agricultural machines.

The use of finite element analysis to design a deep plough's according to the standard specifications.

(8)- Development of some compination equipments for soil preparation and fertilization.
(9)- Studies of vocational safety, and the industrial safety in the production field of machines and agriculture.


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